Five33 Switchback Classic Frame Kit

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The Five33 Switchback Classic is designed to meet the needs of today’s top pilots. In its lightest configuration, it comes in at 55 grams while still having 5mm arms, a stiff, wiggle-free mid-section, and both 20×20 and 30×30 mounting options. The Switchback has a unique Side Force Generator (SFG) mounting system that allows pilots to modify the flight feeling of the craft while adding minimal weight and complexity. Pilots can opt to run SFGs for tight technical tracks or opt to SWITCH BACK to a nude configuration for windy days or when they want to cut weight. Pre-order today to be the first to fly the nation’s top race frame.

For future-proofing our camera solution and maximizing weight savings, the Switchback ONLY fits NANO size cameras.


Fits both 20×20 and 30.5×30.5 Electronics
5mm thick arms
One screw arm swaps
Battery Strap Slot
Interchangeable arms
Minimum weight of 55 grams
Slots for arms with an all-carbon mid section
3D parts available here: 
A unique mounting mechanism for Side Force Generators

Included in package:
Variable angle camera mount
Turtle Stick
SMA mount
Switchback race frame

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