FPVFrame.ch CinematiX

CHF 85.00

Verfügbar bei Nachbestellung



Bitte im Bestellkommentar den bevorzugten GoPro-Mount (Session oder Hero 7) und den bevorzugten Antennen-mount (SMA oder AXII) angeben.

The CinematiX is the perfect frame for demanding cinematic Pilots. Key features are:

  • 145mm diagonal
  • 2mm thickness
  • WideX
  • TBS Immortal T Mount
  • Gopro ready
  • Many 3D printed Accesoires
  • 20×20 / 30×30 Hardware

Recommended setup:

  • 1407 Motors (F20ii or Tornato T1)
  • 20×20 Stack
  • Gemfan Flash 3052 (fit nicely into the ducts after some initial scratching)

Kit includes:

  • 2mm Bottom Plate
  • 2mm Top Plate
  • Standoffs and Screws
  • 3D printed ducts
  • 3D printed camera protection
  • 3D printed FPV Antenna Mount
  • optional: 3D printed GoPro  Mount
  • Silicon Battery Pad