FuriousFPV Stealth Long Range 2.4GHz VTX

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Furious FPV 2.4GHz VTx – Distant Horizons Await

Push your FPV boundaries far beyond the horizons with the all new long range Furious FPV 2.4GHz VTx – the ultimate long range FPV solution.

Building upon the massive success of previous 5.8GHz systems, Furious FPV steps into the realm of 2.4GHz, offering a multi power VTx with a selectable race ready 25mW to massive 800mW output power for extreme range FPV flight that only 2.4GHz can provide.

Offering ultra clear video reception with excellent signal penetration, the 2.4GHz VTx provides a host of capabilities with (16) channels of 2.4GHz frequencies to choose from. Further this with a light weight, compact layout that incorporates a metal shield for video clarity protection, the Furious FPV 2.4GHz VTx offers a perfect FPV solution for pilots in search of long range flight.

Featuring a wide voltage input of 7.4V – 25.2V, built-in BEC 5V@2A with LC filter with an RBG LED board to provide channel & power output feedback, the Furious 2.4GHz VTx is a multi-channel power house that offers maximum flexibility when it comes to your FPV application.

Designed for long range pilots in mind, the Furious FPV 2.4GHz VTx is the ultimate extreme range VTx, offering immense capability and functionality in a light weight, compact layout. A perfect fit for a myriad of FPV machines, the 2.4GHz VTx is ready and waiting to push your FPV range to the horizons & beyond.


–        Transmission Frequency: 2.4GHz

–        Selectable Output Power: 25mW/ 200mW/ 500mW/ 800mW

–        Available Channels: 16

–        Input Voltage: 7.4V – 25.2V (2S – 6S LiPo)

–        BEC: 5V@2A + LC Filter

–        LED Ports: (2) LED Ports for LED Strip Functionality

–        On Board Display: RBG (Red/ Blue/ Green) LED

–        RF Connector: MMCX

–        Dimensions: 38.2mm x 24.8mm x 9mm (LxWxH)

–        Weight: 8.5g (antenna excluded)

–        Wire & Connector: High Quality Silicon & GH Connector

–        Shield: Easy to Mount Metal Protection Shield

–        VTx Control: Uses Furious FPV Protocol to Control via FC (available via latter firmware update)

Ultimate Range via 2.4GHz Capability

Unlike 5.8GHz systems, 2.4GHz maximizes range far beyond the reach of traditional 5.8GHz systems with less video interference or sensitivity. Offering greater video signal penetration, 2.4GHz offers excellent video quality & range for maximum levels of FPV flight.

Analog Signal with No Latency

Utilizing an analog signal, the Furious FPV 2.4GHz VTx features no video latency, offering a smooth, crisp video signal to optimize on the edge FPV flight.

Versatile Power Output Flexibility

Incorporating the ability to select between 25mW, 200mW, 500mW and 800mW of output power, Furious FPV puts you in control of your range, allowing the perfect amount of output power to be selected based upon your FPV needs.

16 Channels of FPV Frequency Freedom

Offer a full 16 channels of 2.4GHz frequencies to choose from, you can select the channel that optimizes your FPV flight the best, offering the lowest levels of signal noise for true video perfection.

Ultra Wide Voltage Input Range

From 2S to 6S LiPo power, the Furious FPV 2.4GHz VTx offers the ultimate in voltage freedom, allowing an ultra wide input voltage range to suit the needs & demands of your FPV system.

Built In BEC with LC Filter for Ultimate Clarity

Integrated with a 2A / 5V BEC, the Furious FPV 2.4GHz incorporates a built in LC filter, which aids in video clarity for the optimum video signal while in flight and on the move.

Light Up the Night with Integrated LED Ports

Utilizing (2) integrated LED ports, the Furious FPV 2.4GHz VTx offers the capability of LED strip functionality, allowing you to customize the look of your FPV machine, both day & night.

On Board RBG LED Display

Utilizing a RBG LED display, the Furious FPV 2.4GHz VTx provides clear, color based feedback regarding mW output, channel selection and more for maximum levels of setup control.

Compact & Light Weight Design

At 8.5g of overall weight with an ultra small layout, the Furious FPV 2.4GHz VTx can be mounted to just about any FPV machine without any detriment in performance or power – the perfect FPV design.

True VTx Control via FC

Available with the next firmware release, the Furious FPV 2.4GHz VTx will offer full control via your FC, offering the ultimate levels of functionality & setup ease.

*User manual Stealth Long Range 2.4GHz: Download manual here

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