FuriousFPV Stealth Mini VTX

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Furious FPV STEALTH MINI – Push Your Horizons. 

Never ceasing, Furious FPV steps up the capability & functionality with the all new STEALTH MINI – the ultimate pinnacle of VTx performance.

Massively flexible and ultra easy to setup, the STEALTH MINI takes smart phone brilliance with app tuning and setup via a dedicated Furious FPV app. Gone are the days of needing a PC on standby. With the STEALTH MINI, power is in the palm of your hand, with ultra easy setup a few taps away.

Designed for racers with full free-ride capability, the STEALTH MINI offers the best of both worlds, adapting to your flying desires. Utilizing flexible VTx power adjustability with Pit Mode functionality, you can blur the lines of racing & free-ride with the ultimate of setup ease.

Step into epic FPV capability with the most sophisticated VTx on the planet today. With the STEALTH MINI, everything awaits you in a feature packed power house that is ready for the skies above.

Features and Specifications

• Built-in Thermal protection

• Adjustable VTx Power Output with Pit Mode

• Supports Betaflight Peripheral configuration

• Flexible VTx Power for Race & Freeride Flight

• Stealth Power Up Capability

• One port for Led strip on board

• Fully Adjustable VTx and led strip with smartphone app

• U.FL connector

• Designed with R-XSR receiver

• Perfectly fit with PIKO F4 OSD (Mounting hole: 20 x 20 mm)

• Unlockable modes for US, EU and International.

• 25mW – 0.4A ; 200mW – 0.75A (Test performed without receiver and LED Strip)

• Power with 5V input

• VTx Power: Pitmode(0.1mW)/25mW/200mW

*User full manual Piko F4 OSD: Click here

*Link Combo Piko F4 OSD and Stealth Mini VTx: Click here

*Link Piko F4 OSD: Click here


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