HGLRC Hermes ExpressLRS 2400RX-S Receiver (Antenne auf dem PCB)

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HGLRC Hermes ExpressLRS 2400RX-S Receiver, high refresh rate 500hz low latency for racing fpv long range Drone

1. Hermes ExpressLRS 2400RX-S receiver has a very light weight and compact size, which is very suitable for racing / long range/ freestyle flight.
2. High-performance LoRa modulation, 500Hz high refresh rate, with low delay and fast response characteristics.
3. The firmware upgrade can be done directly via the Passthrough function of Betaflight, or via wireless with wifi connected, easy and convenient

Product name: HGLRC Hermes ExpressLRS 2400RX-S Receiver
Frequency range:2400 MHz
Receiving refresh rate: 25Hz-500Hz
Input voltage: 5V
Antenna gain: 2dBi
Size:17mm * 11mm * 3mm
Receiving protocol: CRSF
Antenna connector: SMD Ceramic Antenna
2.4GHz omnidirectional Ceramic Antenna
Weight: 0.7g

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