SMO 4K und GoPro Lite ND8 Filter

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Bullet Point

  • Both filters equipped with a rubber pad in the inner ring which can prevent them from falling off, bringing better protection.
  • Both filters are customized for SMO 4K Camera and Case V2 for Naked Camera, providing pilots more clear footage.
  • Convenient installation, just need to plug it on the lens.
  • The ND16 filter can block the light and will not change the color balance of the picture, perfectly solve the issue of jello generated in the insane flight.
  • The UV filter will reduce exposure, especially when there is an obvious contrast between bright and dark, the picture transition is more natural.


  • Item: SMO 4K ND16 Filter / SMO 4K ND8 Filter / SMO 4K UV Filter
  • Weight: 1.52g
  • Adapt Camera and Case: SMO 4K Camera & Case V2 for Naked Camera


  • 1 * SMO 4K ND8 Filter