TBS ChipChip V2

CHF 7.00

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FPV can be an expensive hobby. For some applications, premium products just aren’t justified. This is why Team BlackSheep has ventured into the depths of China to uncover TBS CHiPCHiP. The camera with an incredible value for money. Image quality is not exceptional, but good enough to fly some serious FPV. And at that price, you know you want to get two!

The king of budget FPV cameras.

Every once in a while the TBS testing squad comes across a gem of a camera. While it certainly won’t break any performance records, you’re getting a lot of camera for the price. The TBS CHiPCHiP offers great all-round performance and is more than enough for the regular flights around the flying field. It has exceptional low light capabilities and true color representation.

The resolution is a bit lacking, but if that’s not of your concern, then why spend more on FPV cameras?

Note: this camera is only compatible with TBS COREs shipped after August 19th, 2013. The TBS ChipChip now ships with a wide angle lens installed for a bigger FOV.


Resolution 600 TVL
Focal Width 4mm
Supply voltage 12 VDC
Dimensions 32mm x 32mm
Sensor SONY 1/3″ CCD
Video standard PAL
Weight 21g


  • 1x TBS CHiPCHiP V2 Camera
  • 1x External configuration board
  • 1x Cable to wire camera to your FPV system