TBS Raven Motor 1800kv

CHF 25.90

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“Speed – Power – Efficiency – is what these new 6s 1800kv motors deliver.  If you are a serious racer and looking for a motor to give you that extra edge then these motors are for you.”  Drobot Racer

Drobot spent weeks testing various KV and stator combinations to narrow down what could be the perfect 6S racing motor. His tests consisted of flying a simple track that he could consistently fly at max speed. His laps were timed and battery voltage checked at the end of a 2 minute timer.  Each motor setup was flown 3x to get an overall average. In the end, 1800kv was the ultimate choice for fastest 2 minute lap times without killing his batteries and mAh to spare.


  • 1 x Raven Motor
  • 1 x Prop Nut
  • 1 x screws set