VAS 5.8GHz Crosshair XTreme Diversity System für Fatshark (RHCP)

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The only thing that is better than one Crosshair™ Xtreme is two of them on a diversity system.  The Crosshair™ XTreme Diversity System combines 2 Crosshair™ Xtreme antennas aimed upward and apart giving you wide beam of long range/high penetration coverage everywhere in front of you.  Mounting directly to the Fatshark cooling fan intake is just under 3 minutes.  Just screw down the mounting plate, connect the included cables to your diversity receiver and enjoy the benefits of a long range antenna system with full field coverage.


  • Gain: 10.25dbic
  • Axial Ratio: 0.98 (measured)
  • Flight beam width: 165 degrees
  • Flight beam height: 115 degrees
  • -3db point (combined): +/- 115 degrees wide, 75 degrees tall